Improve Your Home’s Efficiency and Earn Tax Credits

That’s the punchline at where you can ‘Earn Federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency’. Check out their website and see how you can earn up to $1,500 in tax credits on new Energy Star rated heating, cooling, and energy producing products in your home.

Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency



CFL’s Are Changing

Lightbulbs, what’s changed in the last bajillion years? (or since they’ve been invented?) Basically nothing.

Ok, well some things have changed, but there really hasn’t been any major noticeable enhancement to incandescent lights for a very long time. Your grandparents bulbs are you parents bulbs are your bulbs. Sure maybe you’ve got one of those [...]


Tips for Winterizing Your Home

These tips can help you save money and feel more cozy in your home this winter. Along with your lower utility bill, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions and doing something green.

Tip number one. Cut the draft. On a cold night, snoop around your house for those sneaky drafts that seem to work their way [...]