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Be Careful Where You Save Money

For a long time, saving money on everday items like grocery items was important to some. Coupon clippers, deal hunters, whatever you want to call them. They always shopped with a keen sense of a good deal.

Now, in today’s economy, deal hunting on those grocery items is important to almost everyone. But be careful what you save on.

Saving money is great, but not at the cost of quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that every product you purchase has to be of top quality. Believe me, it doesn’t. Store brand salad dressing is likely to be just as good as name brand.

There are however, some items you need to consider carefully before you purchase the cheapest brand, because it could end up costing you more in the long run.

The prime example. Paper towels.

Ever been tempted to buy the cheapest of the cheap paper towels? Sure we all have. Here’s the problem. The cheapest of the cheap paper towels are cheap for a reason. They’re the thinnest of the thin. They easily fall apart, don’t absorb much, and if you wet them, they’ll surely fall apart.

Ok, big deal, i’ll just double them up. Well, there’s your problem. Now that you’ve doubled them up, you’re using them twice as fast. Use them twice as fast and you’ll need to buy twice as much.

So the $1 roll of cheap paper towels, just turned into $2 because you doubled them all up and ran through them twice as fast. If you had went for the $1.50 roll of thick, soft, absorbent, name brand paper towels, they would have lasted longer, and you could have essentially saved $.50.

Is this true for all products? Well that depends. If buying a store brand product means getting a significantly inferior product, then it very well might work out that you would save money with the name brand product. You’ll have to consider what you buy and think about how you use those products to be sure.

Look out for more money saving posts soon!

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