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Three Tips for a Healthy You!

I don’t normally write about health. I practice it, but I’m no professional, so I’m generally not in a position to give advice about health related issues.

However, recently I’ve realized the power and potential of three health tips and I’ll give them to you here. Short and sweet.

One. Eat a lot of fruit! It’s great for you! And you can’t live without it.

Two. Eat a lot of vegetables. Again, great for you! Not as tasty as fruit, but suck it up!

Three. Drink a lot of water. You know as well as I do that you probably don’t drink as much water as you should. Water is your life, you’re mostly water, and you can’t function properly without it. So drink up! Eight glasses a day is the target, but more is great! (Obviously don’t drink gallons of the stuff at a time, there is a point when enough is enough. If you’re wondering how much is too much, definitely ask your doctor.)

Those three health tips are so easy to do. And they aren’t changes that you need to make all of a sudden. Start throwing an apple or an orange in your bag before work. Have one when you get home. Throw vegetables on for dinner. Substitute your soda for a glass of water. Get up from your desk and get a glass of water.

Soon those things will become regular, and you can add more and more. You’ll get more energy, you’ll feel better, and your head will be clearer. You’ll feel the effects of better eating. You can do it.

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