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With All This Snow, Are We Really Experiencing Global Warming?

So some big questions lately have been coming in about global warming with the recent snowfall that has been pounding the US.

Is it real? Are scientists full of it? Is it political?

Well here’s the deal in short. The part that most people don’t understand, is actually really simple. Weather is not climate. Weather is what’s going on in terms of temperature and precipitation right now, today. Climate is what’s been going on for the past 10,000 years and what will go on for the next 10,000.

Snow or cold temperatures here and there don’t indicate what’s going on in our overall climate. A few cold days or some heavy snowfall doesn’t change the fact that the overall climate is changing. Remember that weather is now, climate is long term. So yes, we might have some severe snow and cold WEATHER here and there, but overall when you look at the long term we’re not where we should be with our CLIMATE.

There is a lot more science that goes into this, but this is the short version. Look for some article references later on to some scientific explanations of the difference between weather and climate and how global warming is real.

So how can we get where we need to be? Browse this site for some green ideas!

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