Ford and Chevy Both Bring Battery Production Home

Recently announced from both Ford and Chevy is that they will both be manufacturing their electric vehicle batteries right here in the US. Great, but what does that mean for the average consumer?

It means that both Ford and Chevy are doing more for their country than just making cars. They’re stepping up their roles in the USA as not only a car manufacturer, but a job manufacturer.

Creating jobs in the US is probably the single most important thing a company can do in this economy and I’m proud that they’re taking the innitiative to do that. On top of that, with federal money pouring in to green technology, there’s almost no reason not to.

Another important factor to consider is cost. How this will affect the cost of batteries, and in turn electric cars, is yet to be seen, but I’m confident that the research and development that both these companies will put in to these batteries will pay off for the consumer and our planet.

In an economy where companies have always sought to outsource to save money, I’m glad to see that some of our biggest and most important companies are choosing to build their products and components right here.


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