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Keep Track of Your Energy Usage

What? How? That’s sounds impossible.

Well it’s simple, and there’s an even simpler premise behind monitoring your energy penny by penny and watt by watt. If you keep track of it, you can reduce it.

There are some simple little devices that have recently entered the market that can help you monitor your energy consumption in your home in an effort to reduce it.

Studies have shown that by actively monitoring your energy consumption, you can effectively reduce it by as much as 20 percent. Actually seeing your kilowatts run through your power lines and out of your wallets really can be a strong motivator to take a more active role in energy saving. Whether it comes in the form of turning off those lights, powering down your computer at night, ot switching to CFL’s is up to you, but taking an active role in your energy management really can make a difference.

Soon we’ll be reviewing some of these products and getting them up in our product reviews section to help you decide if one of these devices is right for you. Stay tuned.

1 comment to Keep Track of Your Energy Usage

  • john more

    I’m trying to check on the amount of electricity that i use at home. in your artcle you say that there are devices that can do that.Can you please let me know what those devices are and where i can buy them.Also the price for them,Thanks john

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