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Get a Handle on Your Electricity Usage or Non-Usage

Standby. It’s not a word that most of us use in our daily lives. Why would we need to, right? Wrong. Standby is one of the biggest problems we face today. Huh? What? How? Well here it is.

Remember the old days, when you turned something off, like your TV, your printer, your toaster over, and it actually meant that it was off? Well no more. Turn something off nowadays and it’s far from off. It goes in to standby mode. There’s that word again. What’s standby mode?

The short version is that standby mode is somewhere in between on and off. But the truth is, as far as our electric bills are concerned, devices that are in standby mode are more on than they are off. Years ago, it used to be that the only things that sucked down electricity constantly were little things like alarm clocks, maybe the clock on your cable box, or maybe the clock on your stereo. But now? It’s everything. It’s your TV, your DVD player, your home theater, your computer, your laptop, your cordless phone, your cell phone charger, and just about anything else you leave plugged in. You’re kidding me right? No. The truth is that as devices become more complex, so do the way they power themselves up, and from the manufacturers standpoint, it’s easier to put your TV in standby mode so that it turns on more quickly than it would if you had just plugged it in. Essentially, if it’s in standby drawing a little power, it doesn’t need to ‘warm up’ like it would if it was completely off.

There lies the problem. We’re desperately trying to save energy these days. We turn everything off thinking were doing the right thing, we shut off the lights when we leave, but it’s not enough, and standby is why.

So try this. There are several products out there designed to completely turn off ‘standby’ devices. They work by cutting the power to the device completely. Take a look and start saving money for very little investment. Here are a couple of my reccomendations.

Outlet Wireless Remote Wall Switch 3 Pack

Super Switch Wireless Wall Switch

3 Outlet Commercial Wireless Switch

Wireless Wall Switch With Decor Style Switch

Monster Remote Power Center

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