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Boycott Smithfield Foods!

Long story short here, an undercover investigation of Smithfield Foods factory farm revealed horrendous conditions. Their pigs are mistreated, abused, and ‘grown’ in horrendous conditions using ‘gestation crates’. Please read the full article from Yahoo! here.

Smithfield Foods Gestation Crates

I’m not a vegetarian, I do eat meat, but regardless of their purpose animals must be treated fairly and humanely. Whether they are pets,working animals, wild animals, or animals bred for food, their time on this Earth must be spent in humane, sanitary, comfortable conditions. The treatment Smithfield shows its animals is simply unacceptable.

Smithfield claimed in 2007 that they were going to stop the inhumane practice of using gestation crates, but two years later reversed course because they were losing money. Proof that they are just another money hungry, heartless corporation concerned not with what’s right, but with what makes them the most money.

Take a look at the undercover video shot over the period of 30 days. And please boycott all Smithfield products. Paula Deen, it’s time for you to drop your support for Smithfield.

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More info directly from the Humane Society here.

3 comments to Boycott Smithfield Foods!

  • jay

    I love you Paula but please don’t endorse smithfield any longer. that’s endorsing cruelty.

  • kim

    I am outraged on how these hogs have been, and are still being, mis-treated by a Company as large as Smithfield, that just recently profits score as high as in the billions. How are they getting away with these in-humane practices? The pig is already sacrificed for human consumption but does it have to be tormented before hand. We as humans are implied to be the most intelligent, if we are so intelligent, why is this happening in our culture? We shouldn’t wonder why people are getting ill in our society since were eating animals that were after all, ill themselves. Are we intelligent after all? Or are we just ignorant to the whole process of how these animals are processed.
    It shouldn’t take years to eliminate these gestation crates because I can guarantee if more people did boycott these practices I’m sure they will make the changes much faster or they will have no choice but to close these factories, in which, I highly doubt will happen.
    I’ve already disgusted this issue with my family that we are being proactive in eating better meat, that has been nourished in all the ways one should be; therefore, our family, will take a stand to say no to any meat products that we don’t know the history of. More people need to stand as a whole, for what is right and wrong in our society, because if no one will these huge industries will make the decisions for us, based solely on profits, and that is DEAD wrong.
    Let’s take a stand ourselves and the people we love most, the children.

  • Tony Zampino

    this type of abuse must change and don’t sell to the Chinese!

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