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I’m Glad I Live in The USA

There’s a lot of people out there who complain a lot about the way things are done in this country. And I’m not saying that everything is perfect here. It probably never will be. But this I can assure you, it’s damn near close to perfect when you compare us to the way things are in some other parts of the world.

Jump over to Russia. Take a read of this article I came across on Yahoo!

To sum it up, it’s about plans to build a new highway through an ancient forest. The plan upset many people who feel that the ancient forest should not be harmed. There were protests and news articles in objection to the highway. But from the other side (the supporters of the highway through the forest, who are most likely filled to the brim with corruption, and who will benefit financially from its construction) there were beatings, cracked skulls, broken bones, killed family pets, cars set on fire, lost limbs, and even brain damage imposed on journalists who wrote in opposition.

This bottom lines it for me. I’m incredibly thankful that I live in the USA. A place where I can protest the destruction of a forest without being beaten for it.

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