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Get The Most GPS For Your Money

So occasionally as you might have read, I’ll recommend a specific product or service here. I don’t get paid to mention products, I don’t get free products, and I have no advertisers that pay me to talk about their products. Maybe one day I’ll have those things haha, but for now my products recommendations come from me and my personal experiences with the products. With that said, here’s where I think you can find the most for your money in a GPS.

Recently I picked up a TomTom XXL 550TM. I had been pretty reluctant to jump on the GPS bandwagon since I always had a pretty decent sense of direction (for the most part) and I generally used services like Mapquest or Google Maps to get me where I had to go. I also held off on a GPS because it seemed that the units with premium features were units that were well over $200 and sometimes well over $300! That was way out of my budget for a device that I wasn’t going to be using every day.

So what made me finally get one? The TomTom XXL 550TM. Without going spec crazy, to sum it up, the 550TM has the premium features I wanted including:

  1. A generous 5 inch screen prefect for typing in your destination and for getting a nice wide view of your map.
  2. Lifetime free traffic service (which I consider a MUST) to keep me informed of any potential traffic I may run in to.
  3. Lifetime free map updates (also a MUST have) to keep my maps updated and aware of any road changes or additions.
  4. Intelligent route guidance that helps me pick the best route based on more than just the road, but on the road speed too.
  5. A slim profile that looks good and stores easily.
  6. A customizable interface that I can adjust to my liking quickly and easily.

The TomTom XXL 550TM does all of those things and more. The last factor that I haven’t talked about yet is price. With those features I would have expected to pay well over $200 and for a 5 inch screen, free traffic and free maps, but probably closer to $300. Nope, not even close. It set me back a cool $119.99 on black friday special at my local ‘club’ store. Of course me wanting to find the best price I could (and to verify that the ‘club’s’ black friday weekend price was a good price), I had to take a look online. And I found it. For $119.99. That settled it, great GPS, great features, awesome price, it was mine. I’ve been using it ever since and I don’t have one complaint at all.

It’s available for the same price that I got it for on black friday from Amazon.com. Take a look below. For the money, I have yet to find a better GPS.

1 comment to Get The Most GPS For Your Money

  • Roger

    Watch out for “lifetime” upgrades. This is usually linked to the economic life cycle of the gadget, not the purchasers lifetime. Once the manufacturers decide they need to release a new model, your gizmos lifetime may be up!

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