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Crazy Ways to Save Money – Idea 1

This one is super frugal, but a great one still, that can really save you some money.

Ever eat at a fast food joint? Specifically somewhere you chose to eat inside? Then you’re in luck.

You can start today by saving all the ketchup, mustard, and mayo packets you get with your meal. Bring them home and use them as you need them! A better way to do it? Eat at a fast food restaurant that leaves all the packets out for you to take as many as you like. That way you can stock up on freebies (without going overboard of course).

Another plus about a lot of fast food places. They often have salt and pepper packages you can bring home with you too. Of course, condiments go faster and are more expensive, but freebie salt and pepper is cool too!

The final plus? Free napkins. Napkins go pretty fast, so grab a handful and take them home with you to replenish your supply.

Be careful though, if you walk in to a fast food place without actually buying something to eat, taking condiments might be considered stealing, but if you bought food, you’re entitled!

1 comment to Crazy Ways to Save Money – Idea 1

  • We used to save the ketchup packages when we younger, but not so much to save money, but to take to school and eat with our lunch. That way our lunch didnt get soggy. My mom is a genuis with frugality.

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