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The Gulf Oil Spill

I’ve held off on writing and commenting about the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico since the horrific event occurred a month ago. When asked why, my only real answer was that i’ve always tried to do less reporting, and more commentating. And with the devastating explosion and subsequent spill, there has been almost no commentating that needs to be made. There’s no comments I could make that could describe the feelings of those who lost loves ones, the sadness that comes with the loss of wildlife, and the feelings of those who are losing their livelihoods through fishing, crabbing, resort operations, and the like. There are no comments to be made about the operations to stop the flow of oil, and how attempt after attempt continues to fail. And there are no comments to be made to help describe a situation that each and every one of us feels for ourselves, which only becomes more real with all of the media coverage and live video feeds of the spill.

Where is my focus then? Well, here’s the bottom line. The spill will stop, one way or another. Whether the latest cut and cap method proves successful, or the two relief wells being dug succeed in stopping the well two months from now, or the well simply runs dry of oil, one way or another it will stop. But what can we do to repair the damage that continues to be done? That’s where my focus is, and hopefully it’s where yours is as well. America is very much a country with a help others mentality. We’re a country of thinkers and doers, and I know that together we wont let this oil spill, the worst in US history, do any more damage than it has already done.

There’s a part for all of us to play in this cleanup. Whether it’s physically making a difference by volunteering in the cleanup effort, monetarily making an effort by helping organizations bring in the materials they need to clean up, or mentally by coming up with new and innovative ways to clean our coastline and return it to its previous beauty. We will make it happen and we will recover from this disaster.

To the residents of the Gulf states and those directly affected by this disaster, keep your heads up. Bad times come, but bad times go. If history has taught us one thing, it’s that. To the rest of the country who may not see a direct relationship between themselves and the oil spill, remember that the environment is ours, and with that comes the responsibility to protect it at all costs. As well, we can never forget our brothers and sisters who are living with this spill day by day. Remind them that they’re not alone, and let them lean, when they need someone to lean on the most.

Thank you for reading.



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