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WCBG Recommended Product of the Day

Today kicks off our Recommended Product of the Day series. We’ll be bringing you products that we think meet important criteria which we think sums up a ‘green’ products. That criteria includes reusability, sustainability, product construction, responsible materials use, consumer safety, and value.

We try to test every product that we recommend ourselves, but sometimes that isn’t possible. In the latter case we make sure that every product we recommend to our readers is a product that we’ve thoroughly researched through the manufacturer and through end users.

What else do we look for? Products delivered to you from reputable companies, like Amazon.com, who care about customer service, as well as products that ship either free, or for a low cost.

If you have any questions relating to our recommended products, please comment and ask. We always make it a point to respond to comments.

With that said, the first product on our list is a product that I personally use and love. It’s a Thermos brand hydration bottle and it’s a great bang for the buck. It’s also fully stainless steel, inside and out, (other than the cap obviously) which is a must for staying away from harmful BPA and other chemicals, in our opinion.

What sets these bottles apart from others is that they are fully insulated. They guarantee 12 hours of chill time and our tests of this bottle proved even better! We filled this bottle with ice and we were able to keep the ice in there a full 48 hours! (For the record, we continually poured off the water as the ice slowly melted.) In a test with water and ice, we were able to keep ice for over twelve hours and even after the ice melted, the water stayed noticeably cold for almost 18 hours.

Their hand fit or ‘holdability’ is top notch, as well as the perfect finish of the bottle. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Take a look at what they offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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