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Pipe Insulation

In an earlier atricle we talked about ways to save money in the winter. I wanted to write more detail about one of the simplest tips we had in that article. Pipe insulation.

Ever accidentally touch one of those hot pipes near your hot water heater or furnace? Yea, me too.

They’re hot. But that fact that you can feel the heat radiating from the pips is the problem. If you can feel it, that means it’s losing some of its heat before it gets to its desitination. That destination being your sink, or your baseboard heat. The more heat that is lost before it gets where it needs to be, the longer your hot water heater or furnace has to run.

A little complicated? Yes. Easy to fix? Yes.

Pipe insulation. It really doesn’t get easier than this. Find your hot water pipes, cut this to size with scisors or a razor, put it over the pipe, and save money. It’s so inexpensive that I can safely say you’ll probably break even on it in one season.

It comes in a few different flavors. Regular polyethylene foam, which is the cheapest but offers a lower R value. Rubber foam, which is more expensive but offers a higher R value. Fiberglass with foil and paper, which is slightly more expensive but great for using directly at the exit of our hot water heater or boiler because of it’s high heat handling capacity. And fiberglass wrap, which is more difficult to install and can be messy because the fiberglass is not paper or foil backed.

All of these products are available from your local home improvement store. Give them a shot and do something to put a little money in your pocket, and a little green in our world.

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