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What Could Be Greener Quick Tip #2

Your refrigerator. What would you do without it?

Did you know, your refrigerator can suck up to 20% of your entire electric bill?

Take control of the ice box. Here’s how.

1. Adjust the thermostat! Your refrigerator should be between 38 and 42 degrees. Any colder and you’re not doing much more for your food. If your refrigerator is running between 33 and 37 degrees, turn in a notch warmer and notice how much less it runs, saving you green. If you don’t have a newer digital readout for your refrigerator’s temperature setting, pick up a cheap thermometer and throw it in the fridge for an hour. Also, keep the door closed as much as possible. When you’re loading or unloading, shut the door between trips to the counter and the fridge.

2. Check your freezer too! 0 to 5 degrees is where it should be for optimal performance. Follow the same rules for keeping the door closed!

3. Check your doors on older units. Even units that are only a few years old can have worn door seal. The test? Take a small piece of paper (half a sheet of printer paper will work just fine) and close it in the door so it’s partially sticking out. If it slides out easily, your door seals may need to be replaced. If it resists being pulled out, you’re good. Check in several places around both doors.

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