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Another Toyota Out of Control

Once again, another Toyota, this time a Prius, activated runaway mode all on its own. This time in California.

The 61 year old driver called 911 and the California Highway Patrol quickly came to his rescue instructing him via loudspeaker to shut the engine down and coast to a stop just before a CHP officer blocked the car from the front to prevent it from moving again.

This is yet another incident of Toyota’s runaway vehicle problems that needs to be addressed. Toyota must find the cause of this problem and remedy it immediately.  To date, a total of 34 lives have been reported lost due to Toyota’s stuck accelerator pedal, including the lives of a CHP officer and his family.

What’s shocking, is that Toyota has not been able to identify the exact vehicles prone to this problem, and notify their owners to keep these vehicles off the road until they can be repaired properly. What’s also shocking, is that many Toyota vehicle owners are complaining that they still have unwanted acceleration problems after the vehicles have already been fixed.

Via: Yahoo!

It’s ridiculous that after a sales shutdown, a massive recall, government intervention, and so much consumer awareness and anger, that we’re still seeing this happen. Toyota, fix this problem.

Anyone who owns a Toyota, and even people who don’t, PLEASE read the following article and send it to your friends and family. It details exactly what to do in the event that your accelerator gets stuck, and the safest way to get your vehicle pulled over and stopped. Regaining Control of Your Runaway Vehicle.

2 comments to Another Toyota Out of Control

  • Thanks for the article.
    I am having a difficult time with grasping that people have the time to call 911 and can wait for the police to show up while the car is getting faster.
    I take it you have different traffic. Here in Europe the streets and the traffic hardly allow for a car to speed away. Not even the autobahns are free of traffic. An out-off-control car would hit something well before the driver has time to make a phone call.

  • I also don’t really understand where the time to call 911 comes from. Traveling at nearly 100 mph seems impossible to do for very long on most highways without approaching other cars, especially in California where traffic and congestion are not uncommon. Outside of highways, on local roads, speeds of 100 mph would be virtually impossible without losing control.

    I’m so glad that a disaster was averted in that situation and I really hope that people read the article in the bottom of my post so they can be prepared if that situation ever happens to them.

    How to Regain Control of a Runaway Vehicle

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