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Tips for Winterizing Your Home

These tips can help you save money and feel more cozy in your home this winter. Along with your lower utility bill, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions and doing something green.

Tip number one. Cut the draft. On a cold night, snoop around your house for those sneaky drafts that seem to work their way into your home. You don’t need anything more than your hand to feel under doors, windows, and any other cracks and crevices you find.

Stopping these drafts can be as easy as rolling up a towel and placing it in front of a door or using a smaller towel laid flat and closing a drafty window on it. For cracks and crevices spray foam or caulk work wonders.

Tip number two. Turn your hot water heater down. Lowering your hot water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees can save you as much as 10 percent on your energy bill and you probably wont even notice the difference. Also, now is a good time to go ahead and insulate your hot water heater with an insulation blanet designed specifically for that. Along with your hot water heater, insulate any exposed hot water and heating pipes to keep the heat in the pipes where it belongs. With all these tips you could potentially save up to 20 percent on your utility bills.

Tip number three. Clean up your heating system. Look out for dust colgging your heating system. Many heating systems, especially older ones, are ver vulnerable to dust intrusion in the burners. Clean your system every season. If you’re not comfortable and familiar with your heating system you may want to consider having a professional do the cleaning for you and having an overall system inspection done at the same time.

Tip number four. Get a programmable thermostat. They’re super simple to install and they really can save you money. Set them to automatically lower the temperature in your home when youre at work and raise it back up just before you get home. Also set them to lower automatically at night. You don’t need as much heat when you sleep, and if you’re feeling a little cold, just add another blanket or cuddle up to your partner in bed. For every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save between 1 and 3 percent on your energy bill.

Tip number five. This one is a bit of a takeoff from tip number four, but it makes great sense. It’s the most simple tip we have today. Put a sweatshirt on. You’ll be able to lower the temperature in your house up to five degrees and still be comfortable. This can save you a bundle on your heating bill. A five degree lower temperature setting on your thermostat can save you as anywhere from 5 to 15 percent on your heating bill. Most importantly, for most people who own a sweatshirt, this one is completely free.

Tip number six. Close up your A/C ducts. Simple covers over your A/C ducts can save you some green this season.

Tip number seven. Upgrade your furnace and hot water heater. If you have an old furnace or hot water heater, now is the perfect time to upgrade. There are a ton of federal and state programs available that can save you thousands of dollars on new energy effricient equipment with rebates. Here is a link to the energy star website which can help you get started figuring out what rebates you can qualify for.

Tip number eight. Do something! While a lot of people may read these helpful tips, not everyone will do them! Get up, head to your local home improvement store and do some of them. You’ll be helping your planet, your self, and your wallet!

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